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Nov 16 2012

All over my body

A sixth grader has gotten in trouble for horseplay so many times that he finally landed himself in my office. We went through the whole standard process and then started planning for how to do better from here on.

We talked awhile and then I said, “Where’s a good place to keep your hands while you’re in the hallway?”

I was thinking at his sides, in his pockets, behind his back. He was thinking, “to myself” but couldn’t come up with the words. Instead, he gestured to his belly and his sides and said, “A good place for my hands is all over my body.”

He was so sincere. His motion and words were so ridiculous. Someone from the district was in the office, watching it all to down, and I could see her shoulders shaking in my peripheral vision.

I fought so hard to hold back laughter and wasn’t successful.

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