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Oct 31 2012

Feedback’s Back

My feedback is finally all back in, and it’s fine. I didn’t get exceptionally glowing reviews, but no one was as hard on me as I am on myself. No one came anywhere close. People complimented me on things that I’d been feeling really insecure about, and didn’t attack me on anything that hurt too badly. A couple things might have stung if not for the fact that feedback on them was pretty split – some people rated me high in places that other people criticized. It gives interesting insight into how differently my role is seen by different people.


My main takeaway is that I really need to focus on supporting adults. That’s something I was already plenty aware of and am hardly reluctant to say out loud. I got this job because I’m good at working with difficult kids, but I won’t be really great at my job until I can help other adults do the same thing. I don’t yet know how to have those conversations with people who have just as much experience as I do, if not more. So I tend to focus all my energy on the children and hope that other administrators will work with the adults. I might have to spend years making that instinct go away.

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