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Jul 14 2012

Someone Else’s Easy Day

I taught math all day today. (Remember when that wouldn’t have been a noteworthy sentence?) A teacher wanted the chance to go observe in some other classrooms, and I wanted the chance to hang out with our new students in a non-disciplinary situation. I got to explain math and crack jokes and play games with kids. Did I have fun? Yes. (Do I miss lesson planning? Nope.)


Interestingly, the person covering for me had a ridiculously calm day. She told me she was so bored she’d ended up reading articles on the internet for awhile, and that was after she finished going around doing little helpful things for each of our teachers. I’m really glad there were no big disasters, but I’m also not sure how to take that. Was she just lucky enough to get a calm day? (To be fair, I did have some of those the first week.) Do teachers keep issues to themselves when they know I’m not available? Or is there something about me that attracts drama and stress? Do I make it up to feel important? Do I stress about things that aren’t a big deal? Do I deal with things that I should ignore? Also, is this woman who covered for me going to forever think that my job is just really easy?


I really genuinely felt like I was running around all day yesterday. I hope this just means that I’ll have crazy days and calm days, which would be fine. But now I have this fear that it means I just feel busy when really I should be able to have plenty of time. Is that possible?

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  1. meghank

    They probably just kept issues to themselves when they found out you were not available. That’s what I would have done.

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