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Jun 29 2012

Guns and Babies

I somehow ended up sitting at my kitchen table, reading a report on school shootings. I got distracted from some discipline strategies research I was doing and ended up unable to tear my attention away from this report. It was written by the Secret Service and the US Department of Education, and it’s basically a lot of detail to emphasize that terrifying things happen and there’s no way to predict them. Reading it is a little like watching a horror movie with a lot of citations.


Just as I was realizing that the report was going to give me nightmares, my roommate walked in to announce that yet another child from our old school is pregnant. This girl is super smart, super athletic, and really well grounded. She had to give up her spot on the varsity team when she got pregnant. After telling me this, my roommate started listing all the kids from our old school with babies of their own. It might be time for my old district to introduce sex ed.


I am going to curl up in a little ball of sadness and never go back to work.

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