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May 10 2012

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week…

I have something to tell parents. This might be worth keeping in mind the next time you start screaming relentlessly at a teacher informing you of a consequence.


First, I am not out to get your child. I see 130 kids every day. I love them dearly or it wouldn’t be worth coming to work. Sure, sometimes I get mad, sometimes I give consequences, and sometimes I give tough love. But that’s because I’m trying to create a safe community where all my kids can blossom as people and students. It is not because I have a personal vendetta against your kid. I am an adult. I do not have the time, the interest, or the motivation to sit around and plot the downfall of a sixth grader.


Second, sometimes kids lie to get out of trouble. I know it’s mind-blowing that your baby could do that, but your baby is actually in middle school now. Do you know how many parents have said to me, “Excuse me, but I know my kid and I can tell when he/she is telling the truth! If my kid says this, then it’s true!” Lots. And do you know how many of those parents have said that about an incident where I was 100% positive that the kid was lying? All of them. If an adult says they witnessed something that merits getting in trouble, and the kid involved says that this never happened, why on earth would you side with the child immediately? Really now, who has the bigger incentive to lie?


Third, do not scream at me. I am a person and I am doing my job. I take care of your child all day. I am speaking kindly and patiently to you. Seriously, do not scream at me.




In other news, I think I pulled a muscle in my neck in a dunk tank. Is that even possible? I can’t look left.

I blame the pitcher from the boys’ baseball team.

2 Responses

  1. els


  2. Dave

    Right on!

    When I was in elementary school, I remember lining up sometimes on the wrong side of the field day dunk tank, so we were throwing the ball toward the open part, with the protective fence behind the person-to-be-dunked. Eventually I think they figured it out. But…dunking tanks are dangerous.

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