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Mar 28 2012

Thanks, Jeff Li

The universe is talking to me. Read this. The standard lines have been spinning through my head since I found out about the Admin opening at my school: “No one goes back to teaching. You’ll never be a teacher again. If you love teaching, don’t try anything else. No one ever goes back.” I get…

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Mar 25 2012

To Be Or Not To Be… An Administrator?

There is a brand-new opening for an administrative position at my school next year. It’s the charter school equivalent of an Assistant Principal – major school-running duties, teacher support, and primary control over discipline.   As the current Teacher Leader at my school, I’m sort of the logical next-in-line. I already run weekly meetings, support…

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Mar 21 2012

Mean Girls

I find Bitchy Girls to be the absolute hardest to handle. I’ll take Angry Boys any day. I’ll take Loud and Obnoxious. I’ll take Bullies and Violent Kids. I’ll take Emotionally Disturbed. I’ll take I-Can’t-Add-With-My-Fingers-And-Hate-You-For-Making-Me-Try. I’ll take the gangter who wrapped a wire around a kid’s neck in class my first year. I’ll take the…

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Mar 13 2012

Peer Approval, Manipulated

Kids are ridiculous little creatures. My best class at the beginning of the year has become my worst class now, and I go in every day with no idea what to expect. They have a couple of explosive personalities who can really affect the mood of the entire class (it would actually be impressive to…

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Mar 02 2012

April NCTM Conference and ME

I am GOING to the annual NCTM conference in Philadelphia this April.   My district is giving me the days off of work and paying for the trip. They need someone to spearhead curriculum development for math (which is largely ignored currently) and hopefully this means they’ll let me help….   I know this makes…

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Mar 01 2012

Violent Threats and Helplessness

In the reporting on school shootings, everyone seems to want to discuss warning signs. From Facebook posts to vague comments to strange behaviors, the newspaper articles always seem to suggest that there were clues everyone should have responded to. I keep reading encouragement to “tell someone if you see warning signs.”   While it’s true…

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Mar 01 2012

Thoughts and Prayers

I sit and cry while I read about the Chardon school shooting. The thought of such terror and violence in a place that should be so protective and safe just wrenches my soul in this terrible way. The realization that people can do that to others horrifies me. And the thought of how I’d feel…

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