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Feb 27 2012

Nostalgia For My 2 Years

Sometimes, I ache for my old school and my old district. Sure, it was a crazy place at times and we had more than our fair share of disasters. It’s easy to look back, roll my eyes and laugh as I tell stories about the things that used to happen. But the big events worth…

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Feb 23 2012

Family Dinner

I had dinner with a student and her mom at their house tonight. They thought it was such a treat that I was “working longer hours” to spend time with them. I never would have called it work – I thought it was such a treat that a family had me into their home and…

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Feb 17 2012

My Kids Love Data

My school has been pushing me to go beyond just collecting data on my kids, and instead to start getting my kids to understand and feel ownership over their own data. I wasn’t listening to them, though, because all they were saying was those words over and over. I liked the theory but had no…

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Feb 16 2012

Saving the First Years

I find it unfortunately difficult to help first year teachers. By this point in the year, they know they’re in way over their heads, and they’re usually pretty miserable. They have to battle rooms full of difficult adolescents, who have spent the last six months learning that their teacher is somewhat impotent and aren’t interested…

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Feb 11 2012


I have stubbornly remained the only person on the planet to not use Twitter, but I think I’m finally caving in. I was at a lecture at the local university about policy and the elections, and the woman kept referencing all the useful policy things you can learn from watching Twitter. My friend convinced me…

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Feb 10 2012

Moving on up

I think I just agreed to move up to 7th grade with my kids next year. Still have a few days to decide if that’s the greatest or worst idea ever.   Cons: *Seventh graders. That should really be enough of a con to stop me from doing anything. Seventh graders are squirrely and difficult.…

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Feb 08 2012

Man Up

This is going to be full of gender stereotypes, and I’m going to start off by just saying I’m sorry I’m not sorry. I need to get this out.   We have a couple of “cool” boys who talk, dress, and act like they want to be tough. They would pull it off, too, except…

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Feb 07 2012


I wonder if people ever actually get PTSD from their first year of teaching.   We used to joke about that last year, when my school math coach was trying to get me to let my kids work in groups. Still recovering from my first year and high off the feeling of having some control,…

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Feb 03 2012

Snow Day!

It’s 11am on a Friday and I’m still in my pajamas. I am not sick, nor did I have to lie to anyone about being sick. I’m not even spending the day worrying about how my kids are behaving for the substitute.   Today is a snow day. I’m home, my kids are home, and…

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Feb 01 2012

Project: Parents

I’m trying not to let the new misbehavior in my class ruin the learning for the rest of the kids. Tempting as it is, I don’t want to stop everyone just to lecture the 5 bad kids like I would have my first year. I want to keep things going, I want to get back…

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Feb 01 2012

Brand New Battle

It’s official: My kids have gone crazy.   Yesterday, the kid I assigned to collect papers said “screw you” to my most volatile kid, who promptly stormed out of my classroom. His best friend, who had been uncooperative all class, decided to turn off his blank stare, stop banging a clipboard into his forehead, and…

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