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Dec 03 2011

Mind-Reading Rumors

After school, I was talking to a boy about how differently he acts in my class (silent and shy) compared to the end of the day (hilariously funny and mischievous). He shook his head and said, “Miss, if you could only split my head open and look into my brain while I’m in class!” (To compensate for a slight English-language barrier, this was accompanied by a little pantomime of bashing his head open and separating his skull.)

Taking full advantage of a terrify-the-children moment, I explained to¬† him that I actually already can see into his mind in class. I told him that The Look I give is actually me examining what he’s thinking. Still brave, he looked right into my eyes and challenged me to tell him what his thoughts were. I fixed him with my best teacher stare, and then said, “Well, you’re worried I might actually be telling the truth, and… you’re thinking about basketball.”

It was an easy guess. Sixth grade boys really only have about four things that they’re thinking about at any given time, and it’s quite possible they just cycle through those four all day. Luckily, they also don’t know that about themselves. His face registered a moment of horror before he started yelling, “She’s right! How’d you do that?! She’s right! It’s because I have practice at 5:30! Guys, be careful! SHE CAN READ MINDS!”

Hahahahahahahaha. The rumor he starts should come in handy one day.

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    Congratulations! You post has been featured on the Teach For Us homepage.

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  2. Lucas

    And this is perhaps why so many cultures around the world were originally steeped in the religious concepts of seers, prophets, and magicians.

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