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Nov 02 2011

Super Glue

In a class I was observing today, one of my favorite kids (teachers aren’t like parents. We’re allowed to have favorites) raised his hand to inform the teacher he was bleeding. He showed one of his fingers, which was bright red at the tip.

Given the likelihood that he spontaneously started bleeding from the fingertip, she rolled her eyes and told him to stop messing around with the markers. He insisted, but he’s a notorious behavior problem and she didn’t believe him until she’d walked over to examine his hand. Sure enough, he had layers of skin torn off and it was definitely real blood.

How did this happen in class? You’re wondering it, she was wondering it, I was wondering it. It turns out he’d been playing with super glue (?!?!), spilled some on the desk (?!?!), and stuck his finger in it (?!?!). His finger then got super-glued to the desk and he had to rip it off. Hence the missing skin. Hence the blood. And hence the glue mark and the bloody fingerprint now stained onto the desk, just in case anyone ever doesn’t believe that story.

Oh, to be 11 years old.

One Response

  1. Bryson

    While I was in fourth grade, I can recall a girl super gluing her eyelids. Mother came, gave a good whooping in front of the class…the eyes were open by the end of it. You would have had to see it to believe it.

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