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Nov 16 2011

Someone who Gets It

I had a visitor in my classroom today. He’s in teacher training and came to observe. He must have been reading my bio, because when I walked over to say hi to him, he looked at me and just named my old school. “You worked there?!” Turns out he also just moved here from Arizona,…

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Nov 15 2011

Naptime in Middle School

The day after I got sent home early and wrote that last post, I actually did make it back to work. I was still feverish and miserable, but I’ve never taken more than a day off in a row and I wasn’t about to tempt my kids with two and a half teacher-free days. (Plus…

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Nov 11 2011

First Winter Post-Arizona

Sick sick sick. Took the day off of work yesterday to lie in bed and feel miserable. Showed up at work today only to get sent home at lunch time. It’s amazing how exhausting teaching is. For all that I was okay to get out of bed this morning and took so much Advil I…

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Nov 08 2011

One Hundred Forty-Ten

In reading a pictograph today, my sixth graders had to count by 10s fourteen times and then add 5 twice. The girl I was working with made it successfully to 100, and then wasn’t sure what came next. “110…” I reminded her. She joined back in. “110, 120, 130, 140.” And then came the 5s.…

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Someone at my school had the brilliant idea to culminate our Field Day with a surprise for the kids. She spent weeks getting in touch with everyone’s families and convincing them to write secret letters for our students. The letters were supposed to express how much the parents love and are proud of their children.…

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Nov 03 2011

No Shoes and Old Socks

Today I let the girls in my homeroom play Teacher Charades, where they got to (respectfully!) act out a teacher and try to get the other kids to guess. When a girl decided to be me, all she had to do was slip off her shoes, and the whole room started yelling my name. We…

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Nov 02 2011

Super Glue

In a class I was observing today, one of my favorite kids (teachers aren’t like parents. We’re allowed to have favorites) raised his hand to inform the teacher he was bleeding. He showed one of his fingers, which was bright red at the tip. Given the likelihood that he spontaneously started bleeding from the fingertip,…

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Nov 01 2011

Math Zombies

When we started learning algebra, I had to teach my sixth graders that we put two numbers next to each other, as in 2x or 3(4) to mean multiply, and use the fraction bar to mean divide. The multiplication and division signs they’d been using up to that point are suddenly almost useless. I introduced…

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