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Oct 22 2011

Read to me in front of class this morning:

Dear Ms. Mathinaz,

You are a good Advisor & you Rock well here this is to you.

Every time I see you with a smile upon your face. When I go to school & am not in the mood your smile makes us smile. Your careing & kind personality makes our day. Your a very sweet person but more than people know. Your pretty too. Just saying thanks from all the girls in OUR ADVISORY! We really love that you know what & who we are inside & you don’t just see whats outside. It’s been a delightful & educated, protective 3 monthz with you so we can’t wait to see how the rest goes. We really care about the fact that you are a teacher that can tell us that we will do great this year. We are so thankful to have you as our Advisor.

One of us came up with this so did all of us. We are an Advisory family no matter how far we go we win all the time in your heart. Plus we have good sports men ship too. We help eachother in hecktic times & we have each others Back for ever til the very end. We love you Ms. Mathinaz.

You are better than a celabrity.

2 Responses

  1. Lucas

    Wow, it’s pretty awesome that you’re so loved by your kids. I’m very impressed. You’re very lucky to have 11-year-olds who are sensitive enough to thank you in such a poignant letter, and their opinion of you is probably the ultimate testament to your hard work.

  2. I honestly can’t decide who I’m more impressed with: you, or your kids!!

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