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Oct 18 2011

Socks and Fashion

I have this thing with wearing ridiculous socks to school. It started because I hate teaching with shoes on, but I also think it’s gross to walk around school barefoot. This was causing me to commit fashion crimes like wearing socks with ballet flats, which are the easiest to slip on and off but are still technically dressy. I figured if I was going to wear socks and flats, I might as well wear all my brightly colored, hilariously patterned socks. I did it occasionally last year, and now I’ve started doing it every day.

The amazing thing about this year is that my kids have started doing it too. Suddenly all these girls are showing up with the craziest socks they can get their hands on. Fuzzy, brightly colored, boldly pattered, often mismatched socks are popping up all over school. The girls are letting them poke out of their dress shoes and very proudly showing them off as soon as they see me. They are competing to get the most ridiculous socks they can find.

Do you hear this? I have started a trend with middle school girls. And best of all, it’s a trend in breaking fashion norms and not being afraid to look silly. If I can pass that on to 11-year-old girls, life is awesome. Plus, this new trend makes me laugh all day long.

One Response

  1. Ms. H

    You probably would’ve inspired the trend last year too, however, the students weren’t allowed to wear anything other than solid white socks…

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