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Oct 13 2011

Hey, congrats on those test scores

I met the CEO of my entire charter network. The second sentence out of his mouth was, “Hey, congratulations on those test scores. That was very impressive.”

I think I blushed and stammered something. I have no idea what I said.

Then another teacher walked over, who has been in the city long enough to know the history of the school we’re taking over and all the failed attempts to improve academics. The CEO goes, “Hey, this is Mathinaz. You should see her test scores. She’s over at [my school] and they’re within a couple points of [the best school in the district]. There are a couple discrepancies, but the scores are mostly even. Didn’t I tell you we’d change lives there?”

I’m not sure when I became the kind of person whose test scores precede me, but I think it just happened. (Do I now have to be terrified about letting them slip? Or is doing well once enough to celebrate forever?)

2 Responses

  1. Wess

    You’d better be careful or I’m not going to want to be friends with you anymore. I need friends who are in my league… :P

    … that’s AWESOME!!

  2. Now that you have people’s attention-could you write a post with your best guess of what you did to get those test scores?

    What was it about the combination of the curriculum, the kids and you that resulted in learning? Your story has captured people-they will want advice. But we need to figure out what happened. Maybe your kids really liked you. Maybe you were focused on their thinking and listening to them and adjusting instruction. Maybe it was the rational number project. It was probably a combination of a lot of things. But if we can capture what happened in your class in ideas that can be explained to others you might have the potential to shape some policies.

    I’m guessing that the district should get some help from someone who really understands math education and you might be able to convince them that in part, you succeeded because you got help from curriculum that was written by people who think really hard about math ed. I’m not sure precisely what is going on, but you are in a position to make a guess and share with others :)

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