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Sep 13 2011

I miss eighth graders

Seriously, if another kid cries I might have to punch someone in the face.

On Friday, I had one class with THREE boys who were a complete mess. One was having serious enough family problems that he has every right to be upset and should be excused from this story, but the other two had earned detentions in the hallways and could not keep themselves together. One just sat and cried for 80 entire minutes.

Then today, I held a kid one minute into his lunch time because he’d tried to pack up five minutes before class ended. I just made him take all his stuff back out and finish the activity, and that took the extra minute. As he left for lunch, tears everywhere.

Then a girl insisted she needed to talk to me, and I swear she cried for ten straight minutes while she told me she’s having trouble making friends. Ten minutes! Because she asks them questions and they answer but don’t say anything after that.

Oh man, sixth grade is such a rough age to be a person. Still being a baby + getting hormones just makes life way more difficult than it needs to be. Poor things. They really ought to just grow up a little bit… I’m hoping that the tears are going to chill out soon.

2 Responses

  1. CJK

    Does it help to think that the tears are one way to recalibrate the hormone level–sort of like opening the sluice to reduce water pressure behind the dam? I think it says something good about your presence as a teacher that these kids feel free to be their emotionally dysregulated selves in your presence without shame. Hang in there. The hormones also indicate that growth is happening….

  2. I agree with the above. Middle school is def full of crazy hormones but the fact that those boys cried in front of you means A.) they feel comfortable around you, and/or B.) there’s a huge hot mess going down…

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