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Jun 06 2011

Chillin on Saturday

A couple of kids asked if they could have a chance to say goodbye to me and the other 8th grade teacher leaving this year. We told them we’d hang out at the park by school this Saturday, and they could stop by if they wanted. We spread the word, they spread the word, and people actually showed up. We spent a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon just hanging out with them, talking about life and reminiscing on the school year. It was SO NICE.

Our kids get so bored over the summer it’s hilarious. They can’t wait for school to end, and then a few days later they can’t wait for it to start again. They don’t go to camps, they don’t travel much, and they only have so many friends. They just sit around, bored, and talk about how bored they are. I suggested they go to the library. I got laughed at. They’d rather hang out with teachers in the park.

Then this kid’s mom called, upset because her son was going to miss us at the park but wanted to give us presents. She asked us to stop by their apartments on the way home, and we agreed. I wish I’d had the chance to do home visits while I taught here – you learn so much about kids by spending time with their family on their own turf. I know that’s something my new school is really going to emphasize, and I’m excited for that. I got to see this kid be the caretaker for his chronically sick mother (she cut herself, and he was in and out of the bathroom with an open band-aid ready for her before she could even address that she was bleeding) and I learned that they own a six-foot-long snake that eats live rats but doesn’t bother their kittens. (In exchange, he got to learn that I am terrified of six-foot-long snakes, and he now has the photographs to prove it.)

I love these kids and I adore this community. Too bad my moving truck comes tomorrow….

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  1. Wess

    I’m totally heartbroken and totally happy for you. Totally jealous, but at the same time totally glad I still have a whole year of TFA teaching left. Hope your last goodbyes are sweet!

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