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May 30 2011

Four Dones and a Not-Done

I’m done with my school year. The best part of this is being told to “have a great three-day weekend!” by store clerks and random people in elevators, and getting to chuckle to myself. I actually have a one-month weekend until I start summer school, and that is pretty much the best thing ever. I’m chilling out really hard in Las Vegas right now.

I’m done with my Master’s degree. I used my student ID to buy a movie ticket the other day, and I realized I was lying for the discount. This is the first time since I started kindergarten that I actually don’t count as a student.

I’m done with TFA. I got my certificate, signed my AmeriCorps paperwork, and had my End Of Year meeting with my PD. To Teach For America’s credit, they do put a heavy emphasis on Your Role In The Alumni Movement at the end of your two-year commitment. It’s true that they don’t push you to stay in teaching, but they do force everyone to articulate how they’re going to impact education in whatever they do next. I know they talk that up a lot in TFA propaganda, but I didn’t realize how much they actually force you to sit down and think it through. I appreciate that, and I hope TFA’s critics do too. They at least try not to let you just take your resume-builder and run away.

I’m SO CLOSE to done with Phoenix. My classroom is in boxes and my apartment is getting there. When I get back from vacation, there’s probably only about seven days before I’m out of that city forever. I don’t want to trash Arizona on a general level, but that place is definitely just not for me. I can’t wait to be somewhere new.

But I’m NOT done with my blog. This is how I process my experiences and preserve my memories and vent my frustrations and celebrate my successes. This is where I tell my stories so I don’t lose all my friends with endless teaching talk. I might shrivel up and die without it. There’s no rule against writing after official corps member time is up, and I plan to take full advantage of that. I’ll go quiet for a little while as I enjoy summer break, but expect me back with a vengeance when I have to start summer school in July.

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  1. elsa

    I’m SO glad you’re going to keep writing!

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