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May 07 2011

Your Master-ty

Sometimes, I get so overwhelmed with life that I can’t even blog. That’s always a problem, since weeks like this are also the most full of worthwhile writing material, but I really can’t help it. It’s not even like I was that stressed out this week… I was just too busy to do anything more than breathe for myself. So here is the highlights reel:

1) I finished my Master’s degree. This means I’ll get paid more next year, I won’t have to write any more papers, and I’ll be able to use that extra time to maybe possibly be an actual human being. It also means that I gave a kid a pencil today, and he responded, “Thank you, Your Master-ty.” That moment made the last two years being a full-time student and full-time teacher absolutely worth it.

2) I finished my Teach For America two-year commitment. We had our Alumni Induction, got dressed up, ate great food, and celebrated ourselves for awhile. One friend of mine made the speech, and another played/sang an incredible song he wrote. I was really proud of them, and in general just wowed by the amazing humans with whom I’ve spent the last two years.

3) I GOT A JOB. (Maybe I should have put that one first. I am really excited.) To be precise, I actually got offered two jobs in three days, after not hearing anything from anyone for a couple of very stressful weeks. I get to choose the job I like better, which makes me feel extremely fortunate. More on that another day.

4) I’m officially moving to Denver…next month. That’s where my job offers are, and my future roommates are house-hunting this weekend. I was thinking I would have to change the name of my blog to “mathinco”, but that’s not happening. It takes everyone forever to realize that I’m Math in AZ rather than some jibberish word or name, so I don’t think having the wrong state abbreviation is going to cause much trouble.

5) This week was Teacher Appreciation Week. I hope you remembered to thank a teacher who matters to you. I got some incredibly thoughtful, sweet cards from some of my kids, and many of them gave specific examples of things I’ve done for them instead of general thank-yous. I had a lot of willing-back-tears moments in class when I read them.

6) I had an AWESOME talk with mathlovergrowsup about math. We just nerded out hardcore about fractions and rates of change and how kids think and learn and answer questions. We’re getting really into the idea of creating something that would make the sharing of math resources efficient and valuable and not overwhelming. (What does that even look like?) I love talking about math past the place where you’re just answering questions.

How’s that for a week?

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  1. Lucas

    Congratulations! It sounds like you have some pretty amazing life plans to celebrate. I hope at some point you might consider talking here about your thoughts on charter schools. For people like me at least, who are not teachers or part of the world of educational policy, it is a conversation that can involve some tough and potentially controversial questions, and you might have some valuable insight to share.

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