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Apr 12 2011

The Weirdest Idea Ever

AIMS Day 1, completed.

After turning in their test, the only thing kids are allowed to do is read. Only a handful of kids show up with something they’re interested in, so I have to provide something for the rest or struggle to keep them quiet while they wait for their classmates to finish. I completely forgot I’d need to go to the library for AIMS week, and all I had on hand was the collection of math-in-the-real world books, travel books (my kids LOVE pictures from around the world), and get-into-college books I’ve been putting out during testing all year. They’ve already gone through these books a million times, so I apologized to them and told them I’d try to get to the library tonight. Then I added, “If it’s closed by the time I get out of track practice, I’ll just bring some of my books from home and go to the library tomorrow.”

That statement made a bunch of my kids laugh out loud. “Miss, you have books at home? Ha! Why would you do that?” It wasn’t said with meanness or mockery, but with genuine mirth. The idea of having books in the home was hilarious. One kid started laughing about a person he knows who “has, like, a whole library in her house” like this was the most ridiculous thing he’d ever seen. Books! How funny! Those are for libraries and schools… what kind of weirdo would actually keep them in their house?

Oh dear.

I couldn’t muster up more than an, “Um, I know lots of people who keep books in their house. I know it sounds CRAZY, but some people actually like to read.” Then all my smart kids (notice I said smart, not necessarily well-behaved or great students) started piping up about how they keep lots of books in their homes too. Maybe it isn’t so weird?

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  1. Wow! what an idea ! What an idea ! Beautiful .. Superb … :)

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