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Apr 06 2011

A Hypothetical Question

Admittedly, I am no expert on district-level decisionmaking. I don’t even know much about admin-level decisionmaking… and sometimes I don’t know all that much about teacher decisionmaking. Sometimes, my lack of knowledge leaves me confused.

Like, say there was a student who exhibited violence toward the person in charge of discipline at a school. Say that District decided the student was allowed back on campus before said administrator, and actually only gave her a couple days of suspension. Hypothetically, this student might return to an already rowdy campus with hero status. One of my most difficult kids might even exclaim, “oh shit!” in surprise and delight (and inspiration?) at first sight of this student’s triumphant return. You could even imagine that another of my students might ask me the punishment for hitting a teacher, to which her friend would answer, “oh, just a couple days of vacation suspension.” Imagine the insanity that could ensue when children learn that there are actually no consequences for their actions.

Say, hypothetically, that this situation had the potential to happen. Pretend you’re the district official, and also weigh whatever district-y pros and cons you might have to weigh (alongside how angry with you I’m going to be if one of my kids punches me in the face after this), and then go ahead and figure it out… what should be done if a student gets violent toward a school staff member?

One Response

  1. Ummm. Suspension. For a few weeks, at least.

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