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Feb 25 2011

Belated Sorry

I remember very clearly the first time a kid grafittied about me being a bitch. It happened during AIMS last year, when I kept having to ask a student to stop talking (after he and most students were finished, but we were waiting on a few kids and it’s SO hard for them to be…

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Feb 22 2011

Choosing math class over free time

At the end of January, our other 8th grade math teacher quit. He at least lasted longer than the girl who started in that spot last year (she quit in October), but that is the end of the third teacher in that spot since I’ve started. I think it’s extraordinarily wrong to quit on kids…

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Feb 20 2011

Failing Kids

As I’ve complained about before, I have way too many students who enter 8th grade completely incapable of multiplying. I’veĀ  been doing a multiplication intervention for months, and I’m seeing a wonderful amount of improvement. One kid started the year unable and unwilling to multiply even the simplest of numbers, and would insist, “I don’t…

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Feb 18 2011

Crying Mom Epidemic

For some reason, my parent-teacher conferences this week have involved many more crying parents than usual. Parents get really invested in conferences with me because I speak Spanish, and they get so excited that their voices are finally heard that they start spilling their life stories. In the last two days, I’ve had multiple mothers…

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Feb 11 2011

Forty Seven

Test scores are back from our latest district standardized test, and my heart is broken. I’ve poured time, energy, thought, and research into my algebra unit this quarter. I worked hard, and since my kids felt like they were learning, they worked hard too. I had kids who barely lift a pencil in math class…

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Feb 08 2011

Least Likely to Visit

Last year, there was a boy in my class who terrified me. (I never blogged about it because I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate to put on the internet, but I think enough time has passed now and I’ll still be vague.) He was a smart kid who could pick up anything I taught…

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Feb 05 2011

Happy Friday

I am exhausted. The kind of exhaustion that comes from deep in my bones. The kind of exhaustion that comes from keeping middle schoolers quiet for days of high-stress standardized testing, sitting in my classroom until 8:15 pm entering grades and not being done, an adult abduction at school, teaching double my normal courseload in…

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