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Dec 27 2010

176 Hours Left

I miss my kids. I’m 2,300 miles and a full week away, and I think about them all the time. The news keeps telling sad stories about kids who don’t get Christmas this year because of the recession, and then I worry about my kids and whether or not anyone gave them presents. It snows like crazy here and I take pictures so I can show my kids what it’s like. As I measure clothes to order the right size online, I wonder when I’ll be able to fit in a lesson for my kids who still can’t use a ruler. Someone here said that an idea was stupid, and all I can hear is my kids retorting with a quick “Your face is stupid.”

On another note, I have no interest in going back to work ever. I really enjoy sleeping. And reading novels. And seeing my family. And wearing pjs all day long.

3 Responses

  1. I love this. I’m about 8,000 miles away from my kids. In PJs now.

  2. bailey

    This post is genius. I’m 3,000 miles from my kids, taking snow pictures to show them, and unit planning in my head constantly. I’ll tell anyone who will listen about the ones who frustrate me most and are on my mind most. But yes, I love sleeping, reading for pleasure, and sitting around. Hope your break is wonderful! Bailey (Bay Area)

  3. I love you.

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