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Nov 28 2010

Why I should work on vacations

I’ve officially been in the same seat in this coffee shop for six hours. I’ve seen the morning rush and the lunch rush come and go. I saw a live band set up, perform, and clear out. I’ve had coffee and a sandwich. A good friend of mine came, chatted, did his work, and left.

I’ve made a week’s worth of warm-ups for both my 8th graders and my advanced kids. I’ve bare-bones outlined two geometry units for my advanced kids. I’ve written and formatted a geometry dictionary that my advanced kids will use from tomorrow, when we start the geometry half of the course, until the end of the year. I’ve made one and a half worksheets. I’ve done research to find attention grabbers for my kids. It doesn’t look like I’ve accomplished much.

I still have seven and a half worksheets to write for my two classes this week, if I am ever going to be one of those functional, not-stressed teachers who has everything ready by Sunday nights. I want so badly to be that person. I thought maybe this would be the time I was planned, but like I do every week, I’m realizing that I just can’t do it all today. Eventually I’m going to give up and go run errands. This is why I leave for school at dawn every day to get my planning finished before the kids show up. I really don’t know how to get it all done.

2 Responses

  1. Giselle

    I have to admit…I worked over the break. I took one full day (last Monday) and spent all day doing everything for this upcoming week. It was the best thing I did, because I had the rest of the break to myself. Live and learn….live and learn!

  2. I have come to accept that I will never get “everything” done for my classes ahead of time, because there is no end to “everything.” Even my third or fourth (or eighth or ninth!) time through teaching a subject I can’t seem to stop adapting and adding. And then there is answering emails, writing letters of rec., updating the class website, etc., etc., etc.

    “Everything” never gets done on time. I have come to a point where I’m OK with that. ;)

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