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Nov 02 2010

Rimid the multipayshen

My action research project for my master’s degree is on improving multiplication skills in my classroom. The short version is that the kids do daily multiplication quizzes and track their progress. I just compiled the data from the first month, and at first glance it looks like the kids have actually made solid improvements (I’ll hold off on saying that for sure until I’m done actually analyzing the data).

I also had them tell me whether they thought the activity was helping them and worth our class time. The responses were overwhelmingly positive; only five kids told me they didn’t want to keep doing it. Here are some of my favorite quotes:

*Yes and I have really aproved and I would like to thank you for giving me the opprotunity to challege myself and put me to the test.

*I think this multiplication sheet is very helpful and Im improving alot, I actually think it fun beause Im challenging myself and each day Im curious if I get an new score! :-) I think Im pretty good at it! xoxo

*I do like it because it helps us inprove alot, it help me and is fun to do it.

*This is fun for me because I do want to learn how to do my multipication tables.

*I like it. because it is really helpful to me, when sombody tells me a math question I do it fast

*I love it, it gives your mind a little workout before the math class start with all the lessons.

*I think that multiplication is important and helpful because then my classmates and I will get better at multiplication. It hink that we should keep doing it.

*Its fun because it’s like a competition with myself.

*Yes it is helpful. I am actually learning them. It’s not fun because I panic when were about to start. But I like doing them so I could get better.

*I Think it is helpful some time because it make us rimid us the multipayshen

*It is helpful? Its wort 5 minutes? Its Fun for me?

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