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Nov 28 2010

Why I should work on vacations

I’ve officially been in the same seat in this coffee shop for six hours. I’ve seen the morning rush and the lunch rush come and go. I saw a live band set up, perform, and clear out. I’ve had coffee and a sandwich. A good friend of mine came, chatted, did his work, and left.…

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Nov 23 2010

More Superman

Here’s the best response I’ve seen to Waiting For Superman. Read this please.

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Nov 18 2010

A Sorry Letter, NOT a Poem

During standardized testing today, one of my students… your classic smart, difficult, angry, awesome boy… couldn’t stay focused on his test and kept writing things in the booklet that he would hide as I walked by. When he got up to get water, I stood by his desk and read what he had been writing.…

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Nov 17 2010

Solo Chaperone

The local high school district held a special night tonight for advanced kids. It was an event to get them into a high school and let them hear about their options for advanced placement, honors, and dual enrollment at a community college. They were even so kind as to pay for a bus to bring…

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Nov 16 2010

Old and Teacher-y

I have started bumping into students in public. I saw one at the state fair last week. I saw another one at the supermarket tonight. It’s the weirdest thing to be minding my own business, trying to be a normal person, and to suddenly hear my last name get called out while some beaming kid…

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Nov 15 2010

High Expectations & Country Music

Ok, don’t laugh too hard at me… but aside from knowing every lyric to every Top 40 song ever, I also happen to be a sucker for the occasional cheesy country music song. There’s one that I actually found on a friend’s teaching blog more than a year ago, and there’s a lyric in it…

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Nov 14 2010

Recommendation letter for my job

A college friend of mine is considering getting into teaching, and she asked me for my thoughts on the idea. This girl is smart, patient, and amazing with kids, and she’d probably make a fabulous teacher. Despite that, I still had a really hard time recommending it to her. Isn’t that a shame? I just…

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Nov 13 2010

My Pride, Redeemed

Two of my top five biggest behavior problem students from last year came by my classroom in the middle of the day. They were in my infamous Period 3, and the last time they saw me teach I was fighting a futile battle to get all of their classmates (and especially them) to stop talking…

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Nov 12 2010

Waiting for Superman

I finally saw Waiting for Superman. It’s an education documentary worth seeing, and I appreciate that it’s bringing so much public attention to our public schools. First and foremost, this is a recommendation that you should go see the movie. But just because I love raising awareness doesn’t mean I actually agree with many of…

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Nov 04 2010

Do This Please

I love writing this blog, because it’s an amazing way to process my days and track how I’m changing as a teacher. It’s nice to know that people are paying attention to what’s happening to me and my kids, and I can’t help but hope that it’s sparking interest and understanding about public education in…

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Nov 02 2010

Rimid the multipayshen

My action research project for my master’s degree is on improving multiplication skills in my classroom. The short version is that the kids do daily multiplication quizzes and track their progress. I just compiled the data from the first month, and at first glance it looks like the kids have actually made solid improvements (I’ll…

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