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Jul 30 2010

Growing Up

Last night was our meet-the-teacher night, where the kids and their parents can visit the classrooms and shake hands with the teachers. I remember this event very clearly from last year – I didn’t know what to do, what to say, or who any of those people were. This year, I know some (still not…

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Jul 29 2010

Good Morning!

I forgot how brutal it is to wake up early. I got used to it last year, and then summer came along and it took me exactly two days to return to being a night owl. Now my alarm goes off at six in the morning and all I can think is you’ve GOT to…

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Jul 29 2010

Beg, Borrow, Steal

I’m pretty convinced that one of the most important things we can do as new teachers is ask for help. And I mean lots of help, all the time, from everyone. There is no way to do this job alone, and there’s no reason to waste all the years of experience surrounding us. Teachers encourage…

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Jul 27 2010

I’m Back!

If you grew up in any state but Arizona, you are going to be stunned by the date on this post… but today was Day 1 of Year 2 of my teaching career. We have a week of teacher meetings and time to prepare our classrooms, and then the students join us on August 2.…

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Ok, take a deep breath, because we’re finally going to talk about AIMS scores. I’ve had my personal scores for a few weeks, but I’ve been waiting to get some context with scores statewide. By themselves, my scores can let me be proud of (or disappointed in) individual students, but they don’t tell me whether…

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Jul 03 2010

Do 8th graders like anyone?

Ugh I had another teacher nightmare. Same thing: no one would be quiet, no one would pay attention, and nothing I did worked. I really don’t think it’s cool that these kids are haunting my summer. On another note, I was telling someone about my job and he asked if my students had liked me.…

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