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Jun 30 2010

New Apartment!

I just moved in to a new apartment. I can’t believe it’s been more than a year since I moved here… it’s sort of dizzying to think about how much life has changed in that time. I have new friends, new routines, new responsibilities, a new outlook on life, and even a new haircut. I went through a little phase for the first few months here where I slammed so hard into desperately-overwhelmed-teacher-mode that I barely recognized myself, but since then I’ve settled much more comfortably into someone I want to be. I introduce myself as a teacher and don’t even feel like a fraud, but I’m also waitressing at a really fun bar and not feeling like that’s an unrealistic contradiction. I’ve started to like Phoenix so much that every time I leave I ache to go back, and I always start grinning like a maniac when I return to the city. One year’s lease is over, and I felt really good about signing a new lease for another year. Here’s hoping that this feeling lasts.

PS If you were wondering, I’m in love with my new apartment. It’s much closer to where I’ve been spending all my time, saving me about a half-hour commute to do anything fun, ever. I could comfortably sleep in my closet (literally) and could swim in my bathtub (ok, not literally, but close). The living room is so big that you can’t see the TV when you’re sitting on the couch. And my kitchen actually has counter space! Maybe being a teacher isn’t such a poor choice after all. You should come visit.

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