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Jun 30 2010

New Apartment!

I just moved in to a new apartment. I can’t believe it’s been more than a year since I moved here… it’s sort of dizzying to think about how much life has changed in that time. I have new friends, new routines, new responsibilities, a new outlook on life, and even a new haircut. I…

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Jun 22 2010

Summer fail

I had my first back-to-school nightmare last night. I was standing in front of a group of my kids, trying to start the first day of school lesson, and they wouldn’t stop talking. Not the way Period 3 used to be, where they would at least pretend to listen for a few seconds and then…

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Jun 18 2010

I am going to vomit

My kids’ AIMS math scores are online. I am so nervous I can’t even look.

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Jun 17 2010

Bitter much?

I hate to be the negative one here, but someone needs to tell the incoming TFA corps members that they are not going to singlehandedly eliminate the achievement gap this year. I’m so glad that they are enthusiastic and ready to try, because that’s going to be necessary to get them through the year. I’m…

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Jun 16 2010

Free Lunch

At ASU, my master’s will take two years and cost about $44,000 that I do not have. Amazingly, I will not graduate next year with anywhere near that much debt. Here’s why: 1) ASU is the best. Just because I exist and am TFA, they found ways to waive about $27,000 of that money, so…

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Jun 14 2010

If you work, don’t read this

I spend most of my summer days making intensely stressful decisions. Should I take a nap or stay awake? Should I go to the pool or the gym? Should I go to a restaurant or cook? Where should we go out tonight? It’s sort of sick how nice my life is. Sorry to rub it…

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Jun 12 2010

The Smart Kids

It’s a long story why this is on my mind today, but I don’t like being an advanced math teacher. (This year, I taught one period of 10th grade math to gifted 8th graders.) That’s really a shame, because it’s a sweet job: you teach interesting math to smart, motivated, well-behaved students. I feel like…

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Jun 12 2010

Real quick… thanks, guys

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Jun 11 2010

The Genius Gap

You should probably read this article. It basically says, with a straight face and all the legitimacy of the New York Times, that men are better at math and science than women. The reason he has the nerve to say this is that he admits first that average math and science scores are similar between…

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Jun 08 2010

Racial Slurs and Murals

Oh man, Arizona, it’s getting to the point where it’s hard to defend you anymore. A school in Prescott painted a mural depicting four current students, and faced enough angry-protesting and racist-slur-yelling and talk-show-radio-complaining that the principal asked the artists to lighten the children’s skin. He claims that the change was only intended for artistic…

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Jun 07 2010

Doing Good For America

I’m a big believer in national service. That obviously includes military service, but I don’t think that should be the only way people can help their country. I think being a teacher (or a doctor, or a lawyer, or plenty of other things) in an area where they really need you counts. I think being…

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Jun 06 2010

Seriously, Readers, you are the best

This weekend I learned of a potential very large and amazing donation to my classroom. I am beyond excited. Will keep you posted.

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Jun 04 2010

Causes of the achievement gap

In my end-of-year meeting with TFA, I was asked what I think the main causes of the achievement gap are. I’ve been “in the trenches” for a year, living and breathing the achievement gap every single day. I can show you the gap in a million different ways (You need your fingers to add 10+5?!…

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Jun 02 2010

Cool Jobs and Math Class

I just sent this email out to 120 of my closest friends. Since there are 180 days in a school year, I need all of them to respond plus 60 more thoughts from other people. (Ha, see my math teacher subtraction skills?) If you didn’t get this email, I still really want you to think…

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Jun 01 2010

Shout-outs to my lovely readers

First, thank you so much to all of you who read this blog. It’s been a great way for me to process everything that has happened this year, and I wouldn’t be doing it if there wasn’t at least one of you out there reading it. (Trust me, I like you better than my friends…

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