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May 26 2010

School’s Out For SUMMER

The final day of school for teachers is supposed to be spent cleaning classrooms and getting things together. There’s a long list of things to be turned in (the worst part is the year’s worth of attendance, lesson plans, and grades in case the government audits us) and then everyone can leave once checks arrive. We can choose to have our salary split over the school year or the entire year, and obviously it’s smarter to split it over the entire year. That extra summer money shows up in a live check that they hold until end-of-year duties are completed. Check in hand, we’re allowed to run away into summertime.

Luckily, I was finished with my work early this morning because yesterday I bribed 7th graders to clean my classroom for me. Unluckily, I got stuck in a meeting all morning because a textbook company came to try to convince us to buy an intervention math program. I devoted 90% of my energy at the meeting to not laughing at the strange things the presenter said (“Our students’ brains are like swiss cheese, full of holes in knowledge from previous years. It’s our job to get the Cheez-Whiz and fill those holes.”) and 10% of my time to arguing with him about why the books wouldn’t work for my kids. In exchange for our (wasted) time, they gave us lunch and a bag with their logo on it.

With that textbook company bag in hand, I am officially a real teacher. And with my check in hand, I am officially a real teacher ON SUMMER VACATION with no responsibilities beyond keeping myself alive for two glorious months. This feels even better than school breaks, because more than ever before in my life I know I earned this one.

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