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May 17 2010

The Lakers aren’t a good team. They are a good ONE PLAYER.

One of the absolute best parts of my job is talking trash about sports with my kids. Football season was insanity, and I took a lot of crap when my team lost. I still have sixth and seventh graders who I don’t even know yell things at me about the Patriots when they see me on campus (wearing a jersey to school probably definitely didn’t help that). Now that the NBA playoffs are getting intense, I talk basketball all day, every day.
I promise kids As or Fs in my class based on team affiliation and treat them accordingly. One girl supports the Lakers. She drew a sign for them in my class and tried to complain to me when the Celtics fans ripped it up. I told them not to stop. One boy vocally supported the Cavs all year. Then my team sent them out of the playoffs. The next day, I had a big picture of Paul Pierce shoving past LeBron as the only slide in my presentation, and I teased the poor child mercilessly all day. Another boy has supported the Celtics with me since the beginning of the season. Every time they win, he’s allowed to do anything he wants in my class.

Do I sound mean? The kids LOVE it. They love the sports talk and they love the attention. Even the boy who “hates” me has been finding me in the hallways and at lunch, because he’s an Orlando fan and he wants to argue with me about Ray Allen. Then my Celtics fans come up to support me. Then other kids come up and randomly take sides, regardless of whether or not they know anything.

The only kids I leave alone are Suns fans, because I believe in supporting the home team. And they know I’m a Suns fan now anyway, since I hate the Lakers more than I’ve ever hated any other single professional athlete in my life. But I hope all you lovely readers are cheering for the Celtics, because there is a boy in my class who loves doing whatever he wants all day….

2 Responses

  1. nisha

    Hello, incredible blog post! pls continue this great work…

  2. lh351006

    Talking crap about sports is on my top 10 list of things to do with students. Unfortunately our conversations are limited to the regular season as we live in the most depressing city for sports – Cleveland.
    Thus I cannot help your Celts, but I’m pulling for your Suns.
    Good luck Phoenix!

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