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Apr 28 2010

Sit Down. Shh. Sit Down. Sit Down. Sit Down. Shush. SIT DOWN. SHUT UP. Please?

The kids were really difficult today. They don’t want to listen, they don’t want to sit still, and they don’t want to work. My Period 3 was defiant and angry in a way that they’ve never been before (not their worst day by far, just a different type of difficult). It’s exhausting.

I don’t think I’ve changed, and I don’t think they’ve changed. I think they are 8th graders, done with AIMS and checked out of school. They’re ready for high school and done listening to us. I had this image that I could be really fun the last few weeks of school and let them leave with good memories of math and me, but I’m thinking I might have to turn into Super Bitch instead. This could be a longggg 20 days.

2 Responses

  1. Giselle

    I teach art in high school and am experiencing the same exact thing. The kids are mentally checked out already. The seniors are occupied with Grad Night, Prom and graduation, and everyone else is pretty much just over it. I’ve had to get a little more demanding of project due dates, too. They think they’re going to have time to make up the projects at the end of the grading period. They won’t. At least my current class is working!

    Just hang in there…summer is almost here.

  2. rplate

    This makes me nervous. Very nervous. Our states test is in 2 weeks and I can already feel my students itching to get out. What are we going to do when it’s over!?

    Have you tried using stickers? I know it sounds dumb. But I worked with HS students last year. I gave them all a sheet of paper and a sheet protector. Then I walked around handing out stickers like crazy. They liked to see how many they had earned over time. Even if they weren’t listening, they were quiet.

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