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Apr 26 2010


I really only coach softball because there was no one else to do it. It came down to me or no team. I hate softball and haven’t played since the eighth grade, but I love my kids and am a huge sucker. So now I’m a coach. For the boys’ team.

Somedays, I HATE coaching. It’s a huge time commitment and I don’t like spending all those hours feeling useless. I can’t even pretend to be productive because I’m probably going to be wrong if I give a direction. “Fake it til you make it” just doesn’t work the same in sports, and I’ve really had to rely on another coach and a parent to do most of the work. That always makes me feel guilty, even though I warned them when I got dragged into this.
Thankfully, every now and then there are moments that I really enjoy. I love how my relationship is evolving with these boys, who somehow respect me for being there even though I can’t hit the ball with the bat. I love getting to sit and talk to parents I would normally never see. And amazingly, I’m learning enough about softball to be slightly functional on my own. I can name the positions on the field (wooo accomplishment), I can keep score on a sheet that meant nothing to me a few weeks ago (at least in my own special way), and I can now tell you what the Infield Fly Rule is. So this is not a total loss, I could hate it more, and I’m definitely learning a lot.

Oh yeah, and our boys are in the playoffs :-)

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