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Apr 02 2010

Field Day

Today was Field Day, AKA Best Day Ever. Our entire school was let loose on the fields to play games. There were 18 events within each classroom, and 2 main events (dodgeball and tug-o-war) as tournaments between all classes. It was amazing because I got to spend the whole day with my homeroom, and it turns out the kids like me much more when I’m not trying to make them sit quietly and learn math. We had a great time.

The best part was that WE WON THE TUG-O-WAR TOURNAMENT. This involved four separate best-of-seven matches, with me cheering my lungs out at the kids and all of us jumping around and yelling wildly with every win. In the third round we were down 3-1 against my Period 3 kids, and both classes were pulling so desperately to win that the ROPE BROKE and kids went flying everywhere. Rather than cry, they got up cheering at their effort and came back to win it. It was a huge deal. We won a big trophy for my classroom and I’ve never seen my kids so happy.

I was originally mad that they did this so close to AIMS, because I need to be teaching every day. But this might have actually been a good thing. Now my kids have tasted victory, they associate it with me, and suddenly my whole class loves eachother and they’ll feel great coming in on Monday. Now we just have to see if I’m capable of channeling that towards a standardized test. I told the kids that we won because we had the most heart, and if we could just put that towards mathematics we would be unstoppable….

2 Responses

  1. Rose

    Maybe I’m emotional at the moment, but this post made me tear up! Good for you and your kids!

  2. Moral Lines | mathinaz linked to this post.

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