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Mar 14 2010


Friday was the last day before Spring Break. It was a half day where I only saw my homeroom and my advanced class (best. schedule. ever.) and I decided to give my homeroom the pizza party that they “won.” (See this post if you don’t know that story.) I might feel guilty about letting the losing class win, but a big group of too-cool-for-school boys came in during lunch to retake tests and preserve their (fake) lead, while no one from Period 4 did anything. So the final average was 72.1% to 72.3%, and I consider that enough of a tie to reward the class who put in more effort. Plus, they’re perfectly on track with my calendar and there was nothing I needed to do on Friday anyway. I love my homeroom.

So on Friday, we partied. The kids were stunned that I didn’t even have a fake math objective for them to work on – it was pure celebration. Kids brought soda and chips.  I put on music and let them DJ with my iPod. There were dance-offs, a hacky-sack competition, and a lot of line dancing. (Yes, Cupid Shuffle again. And the Macarena… which most of my kids are too young to know how to do!!) In a separate competition, they had also won the right to see me rap (I found a hilariously awkward math rap about y=mx+b), so there was also a performance by me. The kids were hilariously nervous for me before I started, with one boy covering his eyes and going, “I can’t watch. I can’t watch.” When I finished, the kids literally gave me a standing ovation that brought another teacher in to check on us.

After we cleaned up, I warned them that this party was a one-time deal because of how hard they worked, and we committed to working our butts off when we get back from break. Because after spring break, there are THREE WEEKS TIL AIMS. Just saying.

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