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Mar 09 2010

Stress stress stress

Ugh I am SO STRESSED OUT today. It’s this awful combination of being a few days before spring break, a few weeks before AIMS, and the end of the quarter. There is too much to do, too little time, and I’m running low on energy.

Unfortunately, only a small part of it is caused by the actual important part of my job: teaching. I’m getting to the end of my curriculum, to these ridiculous geometry objectives that I’ve never had to use and have no idea how to teach. (What exactly is a frieze pattern?!?!) So my planning isn’t super. My kids are getting crazy because rain has kept them inside for two days. We’re all antsy for break and nervous for AIMS. It’s not fun.

But most of my stress actually comes from all the things I have to do on top of teaching. Grades are due on Friday. All my gifted student paperwork is due on Thursday. Parent-Teacher conferences have to be magically coordinated amongst all the middle school teachers and arranged with parents, apparently by Friday (which is before we’re done with our grades, so we don’t actually know which parents we have to meet with yet). I’m behind on grad school work and I have final exams and a presentation on Thursday. Four Program Directors from TFA are visiting my classroom tomorrow and need all my lesson plans/unit plans/student data trackers, and clearly I’m going to have to clean my classroom for them in the morning. I have to run a softball practice tomorrow… because oh yeah, I’m a boys softball coach now. And that’s not even the whole list.

So I’m reacting to stress the best way I know how. I came home, did one thing I felt was urgent (sent my information to TFA… have not yet made a worksheet or anything functional for tomorrow), and then shut down. I cooked random things until I felt better (deviled eggs and bean salad? weirdest meal ever), talked on the phone with friends from home, and then went to the gym. Now it’s 10:20 and I’m giving up and going to bed. Hopefully the Work Fairy will magically get everything done while I’m asleep. Because otherwise I’m going to collapse at work tomorrow.

4 Responses

  1. Deviled eggs and bean salad? How old are you, 150???

    Ok Grandma, well I will tell you the same thing I tell myself when I’m stressed out and have far too much to do (now!). Everything will be easier to do after a good night’s sleep. Always true. I’m glad you shut down and are going to bed, it’s good for you and you’ll feel better manana!

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