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Mar 01 2010

Chile Earthquake

When my kids showed up to class today, a remarkable number of them asked me how I was doing. This is not a normal level of consideration from them, and definitely not their usual reaction to me on a Monday morning.

Turns out these kids had heard about the earthquake in Chile on Saturday, remembered that I used to live there, and spent the weekend concerned enough about me that it was their first thought when they walked into my classroom two days later. They wanted to know if my family and friends were okay. They wanted to know if I’d cried when I heard the news. They wanted to know if I was leaving them to go back and take care of things in Chile.

So while they cut out geometric nets and taped them together into 3-D figures, we talked about tectonic plates, tsunamis, and why the 7th biggest earthquake in recorded history was less destructive than the Haiti earthquake. We assuaged fears about 8.8 earthquakes in Arizona and the world ending in 2012. And we talked about the wonders of the Internet making the world smaller and how yes, everyone I know in Chile is alive and well. :-)

2 Responses

  1. I assume we were mentioned in this conversation a time or two. I feel so famous :P

    That’s sweet of them to ask. Did you talk about the socioeconomic reasons behind why Haiti fell down, the South of Chile fell down, and lots of parts of poor Santiago fell down, but most of rich Santiago did not? Hmmm, maybe that’s too deep for middle school.

  2. good to hear in terms of the well-being of those you know in chile, and incredibly awesome to hear in terms of your kids taking the time out of their “outside-of-school” lives to think about you enough to come back to school and ask you personally about this. this just gives you ~1000 points on the being an effective teacher scale :) i am impressed….yet i wish you were a teacher in cambridge (Graham and Parks School, preferably) so i could see you on a daily basis. keep up the kickass work.

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