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Mar 31 2010

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It’s hilarious.,17159/ I would link you all to the blog I stole this from, but she’s password-protected because administration already yelled at her for her blog once. Nice work, champ.

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Mar 31 2010


My advanced class has only 16 smart, motivated students. They are usually so good that I could probably leave campus, have lunch, and come back to find them still working on their assignment. Today, we were all happily doing review problems from the textbook. (Except one group, which was distracted trying to find the square…

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Mar 30 2010

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

The people I work with have very mixed feelings and varied analyses of our kids, but pretty much everyone agrees on one thing. (So please forgive the coming generalizations, because apparently this is commonly agreed upon.) Since the first day of school, I’ve been told constantly that these kids will not trust you completely until…

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Mar 28 2010

Pros and Cons of PTCs

Cons of parent-teacher conferences: *Telling your mother, for the zillionth time, that you’re very smart but have stopped smiling, behaving, or doing any work for any of your teachers. Worrying that something is deeply wrong with you, but listening to your mom say the same empty things over and over again about how you have…

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Mar 25 2010

I hate your cat

On a brighter note, during lunch today, I was discussing WWII and dropping the atomic bomb with another teacher. A student was in my classroom learning how to calculate area and perimeter. We were giving opinions on dropping the bomb, and the student pipes in with, “Well I would drop an atomic bomb. On your…

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Mar 25 2010


I was at school by 7 and taught until 12:15. That was immediately followed by parent-teacher conferences until 7:15. I do an obsessive number of conferences, because whenever I’m not with parents I volunteer to translate for other teachers. I missed my first grad school class of the evening to be there and now am…

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Everyone knows about my bad class. Not only have I been blogging about Period 3 since the first day of school, but they’re also the infamous group that goes through the day causing trouble in every period. Lately, they’ve started making another teacher cry…in class. Half these kids names strike fear into the heart of…

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Mar 21 2010

Back To Reality

Don’t make me go back to school. I know I like my job, but I definitely like spring break better. I do miss the kids, but it’s so nice to remember that I’m a real person and not only a Teacher of Hormonal Chaos. I need to stop having such fantastic breaks because someone is…

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Mar 21 2010

National Standards

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the Common Core State Standards Initiative, which is a recently released draft of national education standards. It’s gaining a fair amount of momentum and is definitely an intriguing idea for education. On one hand, I love the idea of national standards. There’s no reason that kids in Arizona…

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Mar 14 2010


Friday was the last day before Spring Break. It was a half day where I only saw my homeroom and my advanced class (best. schedule. ever.) and I decided to give my homeroom the pizza party that they “won.” (See this post if you don’t know that story.) I might feel guilty about letting the…

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Mar 09 2010

Stress stress stress

Ugh I am SO STRESSED OUT today. It’s this awful combination of being a few days before spring break, a few weeks before AIMS, and the end of the quarter. There is too much to do, too little time, and I’m running low on energy. Unfortunately, only a small part of it is caused by…

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Mar 08 2010

SHUT UP. please.

My Period 3 is still exhausting. They can NOT stop talking. I have enough control to get them quiet, but not enough control to keep them quiet. Someone always has to call something out. Or chat with their friend. Or yell because someone threw something/stole something/broke something. It’s impossible to teach without interruptions, and then…

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Mar 07 2010


Saturday night, I went with two other teachers to a Quinceañera for one of my students. For those who don’t know, a Quinceañera is a coming of age celebration for girls when they turn 15, and it’s a big deal in Mexican culture. Families can go as all-out for them as you’d go for a…

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Mar 04 2010

All I want in life is to be Justin Meli

I have a running challenge with my classes, where whichever class has the highest average at the end of the quarter earns a pizza party funded by me. The idea of a pizza party is huge in my classes, because the kids complain constantly that we don’t get enough free time and all we do…

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Mar 03 2010

My poor babies

Ughhhhhh so many problems in the world. I had a pretty intense chat with another teacher after school about some of the kids we teach. She was telling me horror stories about students at our school and the conditions in which they live. It’s the sort of thing you should only hear on those “Save…

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Mar 02 2010


I started today by meeting with the mother of a very smart boy who does absolutely no work in class. His main accomplishments lately include sleeping so deeply that he was literally drooling on his math work… twice. His mother has no idea what to do and turned to him, frustrated, to ask what he…

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Mar 01 2010

Chile Earthquake

When my kids showed up to class today, a remarkable number of them asked me how I was doing. This is not a normal level of consideration from them, and definitely not their usual reaction to me on a Monday morning. Turns out these kids had heard about the earthquake in Chile on Saturday, remembered…

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