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Feb 24 2010

Math Teacher Jokes

One of my lovely colleagues drew this and hung it on my wall during lunch today:


(If you can’t see that well, it says “Thinks Meatloaf would do for love.” The choices are “Anything” and “That”)

A student was in my room with us while we ate (lunch detention), and watched us laugh at the poster and listened to us sing Meatloaf for awhile.  He finally started laughing with us and it was clear he got the joke.

I was really tired and not feeling so well by last period, which is the class with this student. So to cheer myself up, I paused right in the middle of teaching, looked at him and asked, “hey, what would Meat loaf do for love?”

The kid didn’t miss a beat. He answered, “He’d do anything. Well, except for that.”

We laughed. No one else got it. Then I kept teaching about midpoints.

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