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Feb 28 2010

It’s possible you had to be there

While I was giving directions in class on Friday, I noticed that one of my students wasn’t listening to me because he was grabbing all the stomach fat he has, with both hands, and shaking it up and down. No one else had noticed him, and I don’t even think he realized he was doing…

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Feb 24 2010

Our First Dance

Yesterday I was absent for the second time. Luckily, I did not spend the whole day worried about my kids (just most of it). Also luckily, most of my classes behaved relatively well and all of them turned in phenomenal work at the end of class, so that’s a huge win. The bad news is…

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Feb 24 2010

Math Teacher Jokes

One of my lovely colleagues drew this and hung it on my wall during lunch today: (If you can’t see that well, it says “Thinks Meatloaf would do for love.” The choices are “Anything” and “That”) A student was in my room with us while we ate (lunch detention), and watched us laugh at the…

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Feb 19 2010

My kids are (almost) the best

Ok, clearly that 18th percentile information was misleading. Turns out MY KIDS ARE INCREDIBLE. District standardized test scores came in today. When I pulled the scores for the kids I teach (I only teach about 2/3 of the 8th grade now), our scores are less than a percentage point from the first school. It’s a…

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Feb 17 2010

18th percentile? really?

I love having the new math teacher at my school. First of all, she has 20 years of knowledge and resources, and seems to have no problem with me bumming around her classroom picking her brain and photocopying her books. It is a completely lopsided relationship but a great deal for me, and I’m really…

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Feb 09 2010

I wish I taught social studies

ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh district standardized testing yesterday and today. Nothing stresses me out more. Don’t make me think about it. In between testing sessions, we were supposed to do census lessons (see I’m really glad we were given time to do that – it’s impossible to teach kids math while they’ve been testing all day, and…

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Feb 07 2010

I made a boy cry

On Friday,  a boy said something wildly disrespectful in my class. He muttered it quietly to his friends, and I was so stunned that I pretended not to hear it. I didn’t want the whole class to know what had happened, and I needed some time to process. But I stopped him on the way…

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Feb 03 2010

And by “gay”, I mean happy

Today one of my students loudly and rudely called another student gay. I called him out on it, and he was amazingly quick with the comeback that gay means happy, and he shouldn’t get in trouble for saying another student was happy. This is the problem with smart yet difficult students. I KNOW what you…

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