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Dec 15 2009


I made the huge mistake of going to school yesterday with a slightly sore throat. Talking ALL DAY LONG (at project-to-a-room-full-of-kids volume) did not help. By the end of the day, my voice was pathetic. By this morning, it was gone entirely.

Teaching with no voice was an experience, to say the least. I did my best to have everything clearly worked out in my presentation, and I practically played charades to get them to understand what I was doing. In each class, I picked a student to sit by me and be my voice when I needed to say something. In a couple special cases, I did my best to squeak out an explanation to the whole class.

My kids were incredible. They didn’t take advantage like you’d think they would. They were remarkably quiet and respectful, and most of them successfully learned the material.  A lot of them ended up whispering or using hand gestures also, which was usually unintentional and adorable. When I did need to speak out loud, the whole room would get eerily silent so that I wouldn’t have to strain my voice extra. My kids are the best…when they feel like it.
And coincidentally, I also solidly drove home my lecture from yesterday. In each class, at least one student would ask me why I didn’t just stay home. Someone else would inevitably pipe up with, “Because we were so bad for the sub!” Right, kiddos. Now you’re stuck with me, healthy or not. You lose!

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  1. Renee

    You’re a champ, with or without a voice.

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