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Dec 08 2009

And The Battle Begins

During my interview, during the first week of my employment, and sporadically throughout the year, I’ve heard stories of previous pranks at my school. The teachers and administrators have gone through some really elaborate planning to keep themselves entertained. It never involves students, but it’s some pretty intricate pranks between staff that have to stay just on this side of getting in trouble. I’d heard so many hilarious stories, but nothing had happened yet this year and it was actually getting sort of disappointing.

Careful what you wish for. Yesterday, I walked into class to find that my desk (yes, one of those massive Teacher Desks with everything from band-aids to markers in the drawers and my ridiculous mess of student assignments and paperwork all over the top) was missing and had been replaced with the 7th grade math teacher’s desk. I had her picture frames staring at me and I stole candy out of her drawer all day. Someone had snuck into school over the weekend (because I definitely work longer hours than anyone else on week days), switched our desks, and left a note that just said, “And the battle begins”.

I’m pretty glad it happened. I think this sort of thing is hilarious and it makes me feel a lot better about my job. Thank goodness I work with fun people. (And thank goodness I had boys in detention who moved the desks back for us….)

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